Tree of Life Rings

Viking Tree of Life rings is handcrafted using natural materials and ancient traditions. Each piece is charged with the intent to protect, enhance and teach. All rings have symbolic significance and are worn with great pride. Have a look around our website and choose the perfect ring for your loved one today!

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Tree Of Life Rings

Viking Tree of Life Rings is an ancient and timeless artwork that tribes worldwide have used for many generations. Today, they continue to be worn by many indigenous people as an innovative and timeless way to mark important moments in their lives.

Having a piece of jewelry from the Vikings on your finger can bring great stories to life, making your list of ancestors even more impressive. Norse jewelry is often associated with the adventurous, whose adventures spread across the known world, bringing trade, friendship, and new knowledge.

What Is The Symbolism of the Tree Of Life?

The Tree of Life is a symbol that has different meanings in various cultures and religions. In general, it represents growth, knowledge, life, and interconnectedness. In many cultures, it symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth, the afterlife, and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. In certain religious beliefs, such as Kabbalah, the Tree of Life represents the ten divine attributes of God, and the paths connecting them. Additionally, it is often used as a symbol of genealogy, representing the roots of a family and its branches of descendants.