Thor's Hammer Jewelry

Looking for the perfect gift for the Norse god lover in your life? Look no further than our stunning Thor’s Hammer Jewelry! Whether you’re shopping for a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet, we have a wide selection of viking jewelry featuring this iconic symbol.

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About Thor's Hammer

Thor's hammer is known as Mjolnir, and it was said to be capable of level cities and mountains. It was also used as a tool for blessings, consecrations, and healings. So why not give the gift of protection and power with our Thor's Hammer Jewelry?

This jewelry is perfect for anyone who loves Norse mythology or wants to show their support for the Asatru faith. Whether you're looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, or you just want to treat yourself, our Thor's Hammer Jewelry is sure to please. So browse our selection today and find the perfect piece of jewelry for you!

Heavy Steel Viking Jewelry Modeled After Thor's Devastating Hammer

Thor's favourite weapon, Mjolnir (sometimes spelled Mjölnir), was also the instrument through which he bestowed his favors.

Its usage as a sign was widespread throughout the Viking period, and Vikings commonly wore or carried talismans depicting it in order to invoke the Norse God's might, safety, and prowess in combat.

Wearing this replica of Thor's hammer as jewelry might make you feel as powerful as the god himself. Experience the myth!

When You See a Thor's Hammer Necklace, What Does It Mean?

The hammer represents might and might. When it comes to the Norse gods, Thor is the strongest, and his mighty hammer Mjolnir is a symbol of that. Only true Vikings, those strong enough to hoist Mjolnir, deserve to use its awesome power, or so the legend goes.

Someone who guards and defends

When used properly, Mjolnir can pulverize whatever it encounters. In addition to killing giants, it has also been used to smash mountains. When Thor smashes a boulder with Mjolnir, he creates a river.

The aim to be strong, rugged, and unstoppable is represented by the wearing of a Viking Thor Necklace. Just as the Vikings did.

Our Viking Jewelry Featuring Thor's Hammer

Pendants for necklaces in the likeness of Thor are available from us in a wide range of sizes and designs.

We have a wide variety of pendants shaped like hammers and chains made of steel that have been worked to resemble hammers. Some hammer pendants are plated in gold, but most are made of stainless steel.

Aside from more simple designs, you may also get Viking rings with the enigmatic Valknut or Yggdrasil symbols Viking Tree of Life.

Thor Gift Ideas

We also sell other Viking Jewelry, in addition to a wide selection of bracelets and other jewelry for both men and women. Gifts honoring Thor's legacy are always well received, so treat yourself or someone special by picking some up now.

The Legend Of Thor's Hammer

Lightning and thunder belong to Thor, the Norse deity of the Vikings. His trademark weapon is a hammer, which appears often in artwork alongside him. Our Hammer Pendant necklaces are steel chains with pendants shaped like Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. They are perfect for giving to anybody who enjoys the Viking era.

The Norse mythological dwarfs Brokk and Sindri are credited with creating the hammer Mjolnir. The Norse gods presented it to Thor as a gift. It is stated that Thor's hammer always returns to him once he tosses it, and that it can be located anywhere he may be by just calling for it.

Reclaiming Thor's Hammer: The Epic Tale

The Viking poetry “rymskvia” from the eddic period mentions the hammer. As the poem's narrator, Thor discovers his missing hammer upon waking. Anger building, the deity twitches his beard and searches for his hammer. Thor tells Loki that he, and only he, is aware that his hammer has gone missing.

Loki steals Freyja, the goddess, feather cloak when he and Thor visit. To reach Jotunheimr, where Rymr is caring to his herd, Loki utilizes it to fly.

Rymr confides in Loki that he has made off with Thor's hammer. He claims that he has buried it very deeply and that they will never find it again unless Freyja agrees to become his wife. Following his conversation with rymr, Loki travels back to Asgard to inform Thor about the theft and terms.

Freyja is asked to don a wedding tiara and accompany Thor and Loki to Jötunheim. Because of Freyja's rage, the whole structure shakes, and her precious Brisingamen necklace crashes to the floor. Despite my pleading, she won't assist me.

Thor and Loki manage to convince rymr that they have delivered the bride he sought. Thor is amused by the sight of the hammer and promptly murders rymr and the others who had gathered.

Here's the tale of how he regained possession of his hammer.

Nordic mythology

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