Raven Rings

Viking Raven Rings are the perfect gift for the Vikings or Raven Clan admirer on your list. These beautifully detailed Raven rings are sure to add a personal touch to any outfit. The unique design and durable construction make these rings perfect for everyday wear. Add one to your collection today!

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The Symbolism of The Raven

The raven is a creature of great significance in Norse mythology and also in modern-day culture. The raven's significance reaches back thousands of years to the dawn of man when some believed it to signal the birth of new leaders and practical instructions to old ones. Though it has been variously interpreted, this myth has been preserved intact in many forms of art, literature, and religion throughout the ages. “In old times, the raven stood sentinel over the house,” said Jónas Ólafsson, an Icelandic historian of the eleventh century. In some lands, it is still seen as a symbol of auspiciousness.

The Raven is a bird that is said to be intelligent and cunning, being able to understand spoken words and see into the past and future. It is said to communicate with a great many beings, both intelligent and non-intelligent, combining its powers to communicate with them all. The Raven was said to have been sent on many missions by various gods and goddesses, each time delivering a message with great wisdom and intelligence.