Viking Necklaces & Pendants

Viking necklaces are one of the most popular ways to add style to your outfits. Everyone needs to have one! We offer a huge variety of these gorgeous pieces, including stone carvings, animal or historical images, and much more. The variety makes it hard to choose the best necklace for you but we’ve made it easier! Browse our selection of Viking necklaces and pendants and pick out the one that fits your style!

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Some History Of Viking Necklaces & Pendants

A wide variety of viking jewelry and necklaces featuring Viking culture are now available. Most people don't instantly think of Viking jewelry when imagining those ancient warriors.

Viking necklaces were a common way for ancient Norsemen and Vikings to show off their social status and riches. Even among the impoverished, Viking necklaces and medallions were essential status symbols that could be used to distinguish free people from slaves. These imposing warriors and merchants adorned themselves with magnificent jewelry they had acquired on their journeys or created themselves.

Practical accessories like elaborately crafted belt ends, buttons, etc. were also popular forms of ornamentation, but necklaces and brooches were by far the most frequent. In order to flaunt their riches and position, Vikings wore medallions and pendants that were either too tiny to be visible under the tunic or too enormous and elaborately crafted to be noticed from a distance.

Pendants and other jewelry worn by Vikings sometimes included engraved depictions of common animals, emblems of deities and strong spirits, or runic inscriptions. Even while many of the pieces of jewelry we provide are designed to appeal to current tastes, we always aim to include some of that vital, Viking spirit into each and every one.

Both sexes of Viking society wore necklaces. They were used as money as well as ornaments. The materials used to craft a Viking necklace ranged from costly stones and metal charms to resin, glass beads, animal bones, and amber.

Different lengths and diameters of metal wire or natural fiber served as the foundation for Viking necklaces. Gems and inlaid stones were uncommon, yet jewelry with such accents was available. The nobles of the Viking world wore pearls and other valuable stones, while the commoners fashioned their own jewelry out of glass and amber.

Indeed, one might argue that Vikings “wore their riches,” since jewelry was utilized not just for ornamentation but also as a kind of payment.

Necklaces and medals with Viking designs

Rare and authentic Viking necklace relics, such as antique Viking medallions, are sometimes available via the Gothic Merchant. A jeweler partner provides an appraisal of these artifacts and genuine antiques, which takes into account metal composition, age, weathering, and other quality characteristics.

These items' histories and authentications, as well as their estimated ages, will be provided. It's possible that some of them are Viking medals or non-medallion works of art and jewelry that would have had a similar purpose when worn.

Why Should You Buy Your Viking Necklaces and Medals from the Gothic Merchant?

You can trust that the Gothic Merchant will make every effort to guarantee that you get a necklace produced with great care and attention to detail when you shop for a Viking medallion.