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Viking necklaces are one of the most popular ways to add style to your outfits. Everyone needs to have one! We offer a huge variety of these gorgeous pieces, including stone carvings, animal or historical images, and much more. The variety makes it hard to choose the best necklace for you but we’ve made it easier! Browse our selection of Viking necklaces and pendants and pick out the one that fits your style!

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The Vikings were raider kings. They plundered and pillaged their way across North America, Europe, and Asia. Their descendants will establish few permanent settlements, but their names and iconography are found worldwide in places like Newfoundland and Iceland. As such, Viking necklaces are highly regarded as highly tactical and insightful jewelry. We've scoured the internet to hand-pick four of the finest designs available.

Viking necklace or key chain is one of the best fashion accessories you can wear. It may be a gift for someone special, or you can wear it on your own neck as a lasting keepsake. All of our necklaces and pendants are handmade by skilled artists in small batches using high-quality silver and gold. We don't use printing machines or dyes that give off artificial colors. The images on our necklaces are carefully handcrafted to make sure that every detail shines through. If you're looking for a gift that will last and appreciate as you age, try one of our Unique Viking Necklaces or pendants today!