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Introducing our new line of Viking Bracelets! Browse our selection of bracelets from the Gothic Merchant today. We have a wide variety of bracelets to choose from, all inspired by ancient Norse design. Whether you’re looking for a simple wristband or an elaborate armlet, we’ve got you covered. Our Viking jewelry are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. So show your Norse pride with one of our stylish bracelets today!

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Some History Of Viking Bracelets

Iron and silver were common materials for Viking bracelets, which were used as both status symbols and currency. The torc, a bracelet composed of twisted metal, was the most prized possession of the Vikings.

Runes were often carved into their bracelets and then employed for divination or magic. Others depict Norse Mythology creatures like the Wolf, Dragon, or Bear. These creatures were seen as providing strength and protection to whomever wore them.

Besides males, many women and even children wore Viking bracelets. Some of the most exquisite Viking bracelets were designed specifically for female wearers.

You can only accessorize with so many different things, and if you're a male and don't wear earrings, your options are much more limited. You may accent every outfit with a nice watch, bracelet, or arm cuff.

Keep in mind these suggestions while you search:

Determine the Bracelet Size You Need

If you're planning on buying, make sure the wrist measurement fits well first. A tape measure will come in handy for this. There ought to be a difference of 1.4 inches in height between the two styles. The wider the bracelet, the more it will stand out and serve as a focal point in your ensemble.

But tread lightly. Thin, contemporary lines are probably appropriate if you want your piece to function in a professional or formal context. Determine how the bracelet's dimensions correspond to your wrist circumference.

Cuffs that are short and thin, like those used by Vikings, are easy to conceal under long sleeves, but Viking arm rings like torc bracelets are cumbersome and difficult to size.

You Can Pick Your Favorite Bracelet Design

Which do you prefer, bracelets with several layers or basic bands? What's more awesome: a dragon arm ring or a Raven Viking bracelet? Possibly a paracord Mjolnir bracelet or arm torque?

Maybe you'd look better with a Viking charm bracelet. There is a unique subset of styles for each of them. Charm bracelets, for instance, may be broken down into subcategories such as cable, classic, multi-link, and bespoke.

You may pick and choose the pieces you like and put them in the order that suits you best. Spread them out if you're going for a unified design or if you want to channel the nostalgic '80s.

Bracelets, however, have been a mainstay in the style world for the last several years. Their easygoing style endears them to almost everyone.

The Origins and Varieties of Viking and Norse Bracelet Fashions

In addition to solid Viking cuff wristbands and arm rings, which are among our best-selling items, silver wristbands with flexible snake- or king-shaped links and a width of 5 or 8 mm are some of the most widely available.

If you want to make a simple but noticeable fashion statement, cowhide bracelets as well as cuffs are your best option. Bracelets made of chains could have animal-head-end cuffs or knotwork patterns, as those depicting wolves or dragons.

For added security, some belts have an S-shaped buckle made of sterling silver. In archeological discoveries dating to the Viking era, several specimens of snakes as well as Byzantine chains that have been recognized as necklaces or bracelets have been found.

Vikings adorned their arms with sturdy bracelets and rings, with some designs even including runes.

You may choose a length from the drop-down menu below to check whether we have it, or you can ask for a custom length if necessary.

Do you want to complete your Viking style with a bracelet?

In our range of Vikings bracelets, you'll discover options for both formal occasions and casual use. Viking Warrior's bracelet design is reminiscent of Viking-era jewelry.

It's more than simply a beautiful object to hold in your hand. The history behind each bracelet is unique, therefore it's best to choose one that has a lot in common with yours so that its significance is immediately apparent.

If you're looking for a bracelet with some serious oomph, go no further than our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted take on the Viking bracelet.  Included in this collection are patterns depicting such Norse symbols as Odin's ravens, Mjolnir, Jormungandr, the World Serpent.

Bracelets from the Viking Warrior line are a great complement to any fan of authentic Viking jewelry. Our bracelets are among of our most popular items, and we know you'll treasure these little treasures as much as we do! Our selection of Viking bracelets will make you rethink that last item you tried to boost your Viking look with.

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