Valknut Rings

If you’re looking for some helpful and imaginative jewelry, then browse our selection of Viking Valknut rings. These stylish rings come in a variety of colors and designs that will make the perfect gifts for anyone who loves the myths of the Vikings. These rings are handmade using sustainable raw materials — such as stainless steel. So whether you prefer simple, everyday jewelry or very elaborate pieces, we’ve got options to suit everyone.

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While the Vikings may not have thought much of gold and silver, they knew a good deal when they saw it–and a lot of it. The Norse lords sought out trustworthy traders, who would bring them longships and war-chariots from home. The Vikings also coveted sturdy iron items from foreign islands—especially ironware—which they used to make great finds along with their treasured voyages. Today, you can show your love for the Viking Age with these 100% authentic Viking Valknut Rings and add a breathtaking piece to your jewelry collection.