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In ancient times, dragons were given a cultural meaning in many different cultures. They illustrated the human experience of good and evil, sun and moon; chaos or order. Today, our range of dragon rings still signifies these powers within us all.

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One of the many choices for animal rings is the dragon. This middle eastern symbol can represent everything from power to perfection. We carry both antique and modern styles as well as snake rings that are sure to impress and tease with their tempting price tags!

The dragon is one of those creatures that has been fascinating civilizations worldwide since time immemorial with its power and majesty – here at The Gothic Merchant; we know how it feels to be fascinated by this fantastic beastie ́s magnificence. When you wear a dragon ring either as a statement piece on your finger or as an amulet dangling from your neck, you ́ll be wearing an icon with meaning rooted in both righteousness and benevolence. The Chinese believed lightning would never hit people with a dragon ring on, while the ancient Romans equated their dragons to power and change.

In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr is a sea serpent, the middle child between Loki and Hel. It grew too large for its home, a pond in the shape of a ring or circle, so it wrapped itself around the earth to surround all land. Odin threw it into the ocean, where it will remain until Ragnarok, when Thor is destined to kill them with his hammer Mjölnir. Sturluson tells us this in his book The Prose Edda; he also mentions another ring that will appear at Ragnarok – this one is Andvarenaut, it ́s made from the fingernails of the giantess Hyrrokin, who was summoned to launch Balder's funeral ship. It was an exceptional ring, which gave its wearer invisibility. So maybe wearing a dragon ring will offer you invisibility – there ́s only one way to find out…