Cheshire Cat Sterling Silver Brass Ring

This is sterling silver and brass ring with the image of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, handmade according to your specifications. It will make you smile when you wear it, not only because of how adorable it looks on your fingers but because its subtle presence slowly lifts your mood after each day. Every purchase has been answered by an email showing appreciation for buying our product!

Size: about 23mm x 29mm
Weight: about 25 grams of brass, 43 grams of silver
Material: Brass / 925 Silver


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Sizing Guide


  1. Make a thin strip of paper with a length of at least 3 inches and a width of no more than 5 mm.
  2. Squeeze it tightly around the base of your ring finger.
  3. Make a mark with a pen or pencil where the ends overlap.
  4. Lay it flat and measure its length in millimeters using a ruler.
  5. Find the appropriate ring size in t

ring size measuring chart

B – IF YOU KNOW YOUR SIZE: If you know the size or finger measurements (in mm), you may input your information on any ring conversion website.

An sample of a ring sizing conversion chart is as follows: size.htm


  1. Save the picture by right-clicking on it and selecting Save Image As.
  2. Print the picture without scaling it and make sure it’s 3.5 inches long from the ‘Read Size Here’ line to the finish.
  3. Cut off the printed picture and wrap the finger sizer around it. Take a look at the number next to the line that says ‘Read Size Here.’

size chart

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  • The crafting period for made-to-order items is 20-30 days.


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What’s The Symbolism Wearing a Cheshire Cat Ring?

As a totem animal, the Cheshire Cat is a mysterious and wide-ranging symbol (See our full post on the Cheshire Cat Symbolism). Its positive aspects represent magic and the unification of worldly wisdom with playfulness. It can be a trickster delight in confusing and confounding those open to deception in its more negative manifestation. It is the patron of illusionists and magicians.

Let’s begin with the negative interpretation: The Cheshire Cat haunts the ancient forests and represents primordial chaos; it symbolizes all that is beyond our comprehension. He likes to play tricks on people and delights in illusions, confusion, and mental games. A person may wear or carry jewelry with a cat symbol, such as this sterling silver ring (CH-CAT), to shield him or herself from the negative influences of this symbol.

The Cheshire Cat also stands for the idea that life is full of magical surprises and that we should always expect the unexpected… Let’s face it, what would Wonderland be without its unpredictable nature? With such a ring as this, you can feel safe knowing that if you get lost in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat will be there for you. Being aware of all possibilities can help to avoid nasty surprises and problems.

In favorable terms, this ring embodies transformation, change, and protection from deception. In its magical aspect, it is a symbol of power and wisdom. The Cheshire Cat is a perfect charm for actors, artists, or magicians. With this ring, you can wear the embodiment of magic and wisdom close to your heart!

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