Carved Owl Stainless Steel Animal Ring

Thankfully, wearing this ring won’t be a “howl” of any sort. Authentic and stunning jewelry for your fingers, this little ring offers a lot to take in at one glance. The design is so intricate that the eyes almost have trouble finding anywhere else to focus. It’s an incredible piece of jewelry perfect for those who want something different from everyone else. In addition, you can rest assured that it won’t fall out of style anytime soon–even if your fashion sense does!

Size: about 25 mm* 20 mm
Weight: about 27 g
Material: Stainless Steel


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Sizing Guide


  1. Make a thin strip of paper with a length of at least 3 inches and a width of no more than 5 mm.
  2. Squeeze it tightly around the base of your ring finger.
  3. Make a mark with a pen or pencil where the ends overlap.
  4. Lay it flat and measure its length in millimeters using a ruler.
  5. Find the appropriate ring size in t

ring size measuring chart

B – IF YOU KNOW YOUR SIZE: If you know the size or finger measurements (in mm), you may input your information on any ring conversion website.

An sample of a ring sizing conversion chart is as follows: size.htm


  1. Save the picture by right-clicking on it and selecting Save Image As.
  2. Print the picture without scaling it and make sure it’s 3.5 inches long from the ‘Read Size Here’ line to the finish.
  3. Cut off the printed picture and wrap the finger sizer around it. Take a look at the number next to the line that says ‘Read Size Here.’

size chart

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What is the symbolism of the owl?

The owl symbolizes the ability to see what others do not see. It is a good animal totem for those who want to trust their intuition and explore the unknown. People with this power animal can handle darkness and uncertainty, just as an owl handles night.

An owl is also a symbol of wisdom, vigilance, and knowledge.

An owl totem is perfect for people who are having trouble making decisions. This spirit animal will help them better understand themselves to make the right choice in any situation. The darkness surrounding owls makes them excellent guides to dream interpretation, especially in situations where nightmares or strange dreams are common.

  • Owls are associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage, who often took the shape of an owl herself. Heracles’ faithful servant Hylas had an owl familiar named Bubo, a companion to the god Pan. According to legend, owls were once brightly colored birds but lost their pigmentation after being cursed by Minerva.
  • Celtic folklore tells us that the owl is a protector of sorcerers, invoking its powers of sorcery and magic.
  • In Christian tradition, owls are associated with Lilith, Adam’s first wife, who left him because she refused to submit to his will. No one knows what kind of creature Lilith was, but legends say she would transform into an owl at night to attack pregnant women and children.
  • In Hinduism, owls are associated with demonic forces, and they are said to be vengeful spirits of sorcerers who died during the day. This is because evil sorcerers and witches were believed to die during the day and come back to haunt people at night.
  • In Native American tradition, an owl symbolizes death and evil omens. Among the Hopi tribe, owls are symbols of witchcraft and bad luck.
  • In Aztec mythology, an owl represents Huitzilopochtli, the god who guards the sun during the night.

About Our Sterling Silver Animal Rings

If finger rings are your thing, our stainless steel animal ring series is a must-have. Taking your fill of bold, animal jewelry is straightforward when you shop at our online gothic store. Nobody’s ensemble could be complete without one of these sterling silver animal rings. These striking animal rings might be worn to represent protection,fearlessness, strength and power. Giving the impression of a human cranium, these stainless steel animal rings are still extremely popular while in the fashion sector and can be found worn by several Fashionistas in addition to rock stars across the world.

Establish Your Special Appearance with animal Rings

It is easy to establish your own own appearance and persona with the cool animal rings sold at The Gothic Merchant. In order to stand out among the 1000s of folks who wear boring jewelry, carrying a couple of animal rings is the fastest way to get noticed and show you are special. Do you love snakes and all things that slither? Then you need to definately examine our collection of exquisite snake rings.


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