Are you strong enough to wear a claw ring?

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The claw ring is a fascinating piece of jewelry. It comes in many different sizes, and you can wear it on any finger, but the most popular places to wear them are on your index finger or your pinky.

Nowadays, people who wear these rings may not be paying homage to their past, but they still display individuality and a sense of style. From the more colorful options to the simple silver claw ring, you have many different choices when it comes to decorative jewelry.

What are claw rings, and why do people wear them?

There are many reasons why people might wear claw rings. One of the most popular is for their strength and good luck. In ancient times, tribes had totems for their clan or tribe. These were often animals, and having a claw symbol on one’s ring was a way to pay homage to this animal power. People believed that wearing claws on one’s fingers offered them protection from evil forces and courage and intelligence.

Another main reason for wearing these rings is simply creativity. Some people want to show off their individuality without going too flashy or over-the-top, so they choose a claw ring because it doesn’t draw unwanted attention like other types of jewelry do.

A common characteristic of these pieces of jewelry is the claws. There are many different animals used for these rings, so you can find one that represents your personality and speaks to your love of animals and nature. For example, many people wear boar claw rings because they have a reverence for the animal or even an appreciation for their meat.

History of the Claw Ring

In ancient times, many tribes and clans worshipped animals. They believed in powerful animals and made them the totems of their tribes. To this day, humans still have a reverence for animals. The claw is the most powerful weapon an animal can have. Many people are willing to wear animal claw jewelry, hoping that it will bring them strength, luck, and courage.

Many people who wear these rings may not be paying homage to their past, but they still display individuality and a sense of style. From the more colorful options to the simple silver claw ring, you have many different choices when it comes to decorative jewelry.

Different types of claws include:

  • Boar claw rings: Boars do not have toenails or claws, so they use their tusks for protection. These rings come from the animal’s tusks, and some may be decorative, while others may be a sign of power.
  • Bear claw rings: The bear’s sharpened claw makes it a symbol of strength and power. The most popular bear rings are made from brass, and they usually depict two bears fighting.
  • Lion claw rings: Many people wear these to represent their love for animals or nature because lions are at the top of the food chain among land animals. They also stand for intelligence, strength, courage, dignity, and leadership.
  • Mouseclaw ring: This is one of the more popular animal ring styles. You may wear them to honor a father or grandfather who used to hunt, and they can also be created using other parts from the mouse such as teeth, bones, skulls, and so on.
  • Elephant claw rings: These symbolize power because elephants have solid legs and powerful tusks.
  • Deer claw rings: Deer claws may be worn to honor the animal or because they represent a graceful being. They are often made from antlers and then carved into jewelry pieces.
  • Snake ring: A snake ring is usually made of gold, but it can also feature other materials such as silver, brass, wood, bone, etc. The snake’s fangs are made into the ring to symbolize power and determination, amongst other things. One may wear snake rings for protection against evil or as a way of honoring one’s ancestors.
  • Hawk claw rings: These claws feature sharp edges that can cut through flesh if necessary. Hawks mainly hunt small animals, and they have been known to kill animals much larger than themselves. These rings may be worn for protection or to show your admiration for the animal.
  • Porcupine claw: Porcupine claws are very sharp, so it is not surprising that they can rip through flesh like a knife through butter. These rings may be worn by those who want to show their appreciation for the animal or by naturalists.
  • Duck claw ring: This is one of the less common rings, but they are still prevalent among those fond of ducks. Their claws are used to swim and groom themselves, cut through vegetation, and catch food, so they are not just decorative objects.
  • Beaver tooth ring: This may be the least expensive type of animal claw because they are made from teeth that fall out when the beavers chew on wood and rocks. Before purchasing it, make sure your ring is genuine so you do not get ripped off by someone selling imitation rings.

How to care for your claw ring so that it lasts a long time

To make your ring last a long time, it’s important to care for it properly. You should always keep it dry and store it in a box or small container when not wearing your ring. If you wear your ring every day, you should take extra steps by cleaning the inside of the ring with salt and using a lint-free cloth to clean the outside of your ring. You should also wear your ring on the same finger every time to prevent it from getting bent out of shape or scratched.

If you do not want to take these steps, you can store your ring in a cold, dark place where it cannot be exposed to excessive moisture and sunlight for long periods of time. This way, you can keep your ring in good condition for a long time.


Claw rings are a great way to show your love of animals and nature. They may also be worn as symbols of power, strength, or courage. Wearing animal claw jewelry is an ancient tradition that continues today in many cultures around the world.