11 Cool Matching Gothic Necklaces For Couples

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Gothic couples necklaces are a great way to show your love for one another. With this in mind, we have created the top 10 Gothic Couple necklaces for you! These jewelry pieces can be worn by any gothic couple and will make an excellent addition to their outfit. If you like what you see here, please share with other goths who might enjoy these fantastic pieces of jewelry!

Gemstone Dragon Gothic Couple’s Necklaces

Jovivi 2pc Dragon Wrapped Round Ball Cylinder Gemstone Healing Crystal Pendant Necklaces Set

These gemstone dragon gothic necklaces are sure to turn heads. Brimming with beautiful amethyst and intricate details, this is a perfect gift for the loved one who likes their style darkly sensual.

Oversized and mystical, Gemstone Dragon Gothic Couple’s Necklaces offer a distinctive way to commemorate your love for another or indulge in fanciful fashion style. Each necklace features both an amethyst-enhanced dragon head with copper scales and a smaller cylindrical gemstone, meaning that you can wear each one independently of the other. These necklaces look great worn together but also perfect layered with any outfit.

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Stainless Steel His Hers Cross Necklaces

OIDEA 2 Pcs Stainless Steel His Hers Cross Pendant Necklace Black, Gold, Silver

Stainless Steel His Hers Cross Necklaces. A sign of faith and adoration, help that special someone treasure this meaningful symbol! Elegant necklaces are made to match you or your loved one perfectly. Wear this necklace with pride; the cross means unity no matter what gender. Shop for matching styles for either men or women! Rewarded with exquisite workmanship, high polished stainless steel is guaranteed to last forever. Offered in both black nickel-free stainless lite & rose gold silver-nickel-free options (perfect sizing length 1.57 in), these crosses come ready in a deluxe

It’s just the cutest way to show your love for someone, whether they’re a romantic partner or family member. These charming Stainless Steel His Hers Cross Necklaces come in styles and finishes sure to suit anyone’s taste and are priced low enough for everyone! Made from quality stainless steel; these lovely crosses were designed with care and feature elegant but simplistic styling – perfect anytime and anywhere!

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Stainless Steel Yin Yang Pendant Couples Necklaces

FIBO STEEL 2pcs Stainless Steel Yin Yang Pendant Necklace for Men Women Puzzle Couples Necklace,22 inches

Makes the perfect gift for any special occasion. stainless steel yin yang pendant couples necklaces combine to create a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry. These symbols are popular traditional Asian symbols that represent balance, harmony, or opposites in unity. This meaningful symbol will represent your relationship perfectly, no matter if it is one-sided or not! We know this necklace makes an excellent gift, especially at The holidays when distance separates you from your loved ones now more than ever!

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Dragon Phoenix Stone Couples Pendant Necklaces

COAI Dragon Phoenix Stone Couples Pendant Necklaces

Dragon Phoenix Stone Necklaces is one of the best gifts for your beloved, especially for this Holiday Season. With its clear message of only love, it will surely make a great gift to bring warmth and happiness to whoever you give it to. It comes with our free replacement warranty!
If you are looking for some personal styling on your new Dragon Phoenix Stone Couples Pendant Necklace, see below gifting ideas:
If you are looking for different gifts, go with these Dragon & Phenix couples necklaces–the perfect gift for them during holidays or year-round! See our collection of dragon rings for more inspiration.

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Coeur Crane – Couple’s Friendship Necklaces

couples raven skull gothic necklaces

Coming to you courtesy of the dark, comforting darkness that is always close by. Behold our Coeur Crane – Couple’s Friendship Necklace! It may sound too sweet to be true… but I’ve seen it in action myself. Rubbing against one another tenderly, these two ravens are magic in their own right. These ravens at first seem world’s apart, with subtle differences in their appearance and material treatments; one in a brighter polished pewter finish on a bright trace chain while the other is black pewter on a black chain.

But when they’re together? The magnetic catch-up on the back means there could not be any closer couple or more loving pair. Hugging each other for eternity is this couple of Coeur Crane – Couple’s Friendship Necklaces.

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Wolf Tooth Stone Matching Couples Pendant Necklaces


For the lovers matching necklace! With both looking good and staying together.
The wolf teeth pendant is a symbol of strength, symbolizing power and endurance, while the two-toned gemstones add sophistication to your wardrobe selection. It is also adjustable for any occasion. Wear this Yin Yang Pendant with a black cord on one end, which gives you plenty of choices for how close or far away you want it from your throatlatch, depending on what you prefer that day! The other end has five different clasps connecting it to s s graceful string necklace- all dangling down in an elegant flow. For more inspiration see our collection of wolf rings.

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Draconic Tryst Couples Necklaces

Draconic Tryst Couples Necklaces

Ah, the eternal conundrum of the immortal – am I just banging my head against a wall, or is this delightful? Fantasy can give us so many more life experiences than existence alone. Partnered with an enlightened soul of darkness, you’ll find your truth for eternity…

Two necklaces at once! One pendant shows off its silver dragon scales while the other sizzles in black as it wraps around it. We call them Draconic Tryst Couples Necklaces because their philosophy only needs one to tug away, and they unravel as two separate pieces for mutual accessorizing delightfully freely as night and day intertwine successfully. Ready to cast severe spells together?

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Life is never without its struggles, yet it’s easier for those who walk beside you to take the next step together. Two souls entwined, brightening each other’s paths with their love. To keep this light alive, offer them eternity by winding two rings around the butterfly wings of your beloved eternal companion, who will always be there to guide you home safely.

No one knows the value of a heart more than the Demon Dragon. Impose your will on those around you, find contentment in being strong even when you’re lost. Embody this evil winged beast and know that he’ll always be there to provide for his swarm at your side. The only obligation that matters is their loyalty to him, which comes from reciprocal devotion between partners or best friends. At times it may feel as if love has been forgotten by all but those who continue to honor tradition by wearing these matching dragon wings, endless circles lasting friendship!

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Couple’s Heart Matching Necklaces for Him and Her

Demonstrate your love with the magnetic force of these duo necklaces. The chains hang between you, and when you bring them close to one another, the magnets within cause attraction. You will always find your way back together, no matter how far apart you grow near each other’s hearts and souls.

There is nothing wrong with a couple disagreeing now and then, but this love always has to find its way back to each other. These necklaces represent the intimate and meaningful bond between you and your loved one. When not in use, store them separately, so they don’t accidentally get tangled up!

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Gothic Bullet Skull Necklaces

Gothic Bullet Skull Necklace

Your grisly little secret is safe with this Gothic Skull Bullet Necklace. This stylish necklace features a bullet shape, sure to get nods of approval from another skull enthusiast. You’ll stand out in any crowd! The flawless craftsmanship makes it an invaluable conversation starter for anyone looking for the next big thing in jewelry.

Break the chains with your bullets. Those shackles were never meant to hold you down anyways, no? This Gothic Bullet Skull Necklace is a creative take on skull necklaces; this Gothic Bullet Skull Necklace makes for an edgy accessory that’s perfect for any rebellious dreamer. This might match well with one of our skull rings.

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 Matching Cross Sterling Silver Couple Necklace

 Matching Cross Sterling Silver Couple Necklace

You don’t want to be in a matching anything without this Uniqueness Necklace. Every couple needs at least one of these elegant necklaces, no matter the occasion! The uniquely shaped Sterling Silver crosses are beautiful and can easily match any outfit or function. You’ll save time by only needing to wear one necklace that looks good on either side for both men and women! Our durable Necklace Chain is gentle against your skin and easy to take care of, so you will always look fresh and fashionable. Go ahead, celebrate all love paired up with this stylish Cross Necklace today!

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Final thoughts

With so many different gothic necklaces to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one! We hope you enjoyed our top list of the best gothic couples necklaces. If you have any suggestions for other unique pieces worth sharing with others, please leave a comment below.



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