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Tired of being stuck in the middle of your mundane existence? Wear a tiger ring to show off your daring side with this original versatile piece.

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On the Internet, the gothic merchant offers a rich selection of the finest quality, Tiger Rings, with sales running coast to coast. You'll also find items for your other tenants, too – Lion, Cat, Eagle, Bear. Suppose you look for that perfect ring that reflects your personality or provides jewelry for an animal totem. Check out our impressive offerings today!

The Symbolism of wearing a tiger ring

Among the countless legends of the East, there was a story that I liked very much. The tale is about a Chinese emperor who wanted to expand his kingdom and decided to invade Japan. He asked for advice from 100 wise men, and every one of them unanimously told him: “It would not be wise to fight these people. They are famous for their bravery and fighting spirit, so it would be better to come up with other means to convince them that it would be wiser for them not to resist. The Japanese people love nature, especially animals.”

The emperor asked the wise men what animal should represent his kingdom to deal with this challenging situation. The first man said: “Tigers.” The emperor liked the idea and asked his architects to design a golden ring with a tiger engraved on it, which he offered as a gift.

The Japanese accepted the ring as a token of peace and friendship, and they also sent gifts to China, such as beautiful pitchers made of clay. A Chinese artist was commissioned to paint different flowers on them.

One day an official noticed that the pitcher painted with the image of a tiger had water leaking out of its mouth, while the one painted with flowers did not. They asked the man why this was happening, and he answered: “The ring was made in China while the pitchers were made in Japan. It's like when you pour water into a Chinese vase – it leaks, but when you pour it into a Japanese one, the water stays inside and does not drip.” The wise men came up with another idea: to send golden crabs as gifts. The crabs were placed inside the boats that carried the emperor's army towards Japan. The soldiers saw them and thought they would make lovely pets, so they decided to leave for China without attacking Japan after all.

What does this story teach us? Well, first of all, we learned about the Symbolism of wearing a tiger ring. It is said that by wearing such a ring on your finger, you will be able to tame wild tigers and appreciate their power and wisdom. Also, it can give you courage and bring success in any field of interest. Maybe it is true, maybe not, but the charm of wearing a tiger ring doesn't have to be based on facts. It is all about your attitude towards things that are beyond simple logic.