Octopus Rings

Dun dun dun! The gothic merchant has something for you this Friday, the 13th. Own an octopus ring and wear them proudly on your finger! Here at The Gothic Merchant, we know how to create a plethora of fun, distinctive, wearable pieces that will make you feel like royalty. Let us help turn those dreary days into some bright ones with some new jewelry! Wear our octopus rings as a symbol of determination and fearlessness as you take on the world (or as a conversation starter as people whisper, “did she just confess her love of tentacles?”)

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The Gothic Merchant has gothic rings, bracelets, jewelry items for men and women. The symbolism of the octopus is the mastery over life's trials. Octopuses are strong creatures that can change colors quickly to match their environment, making them stealthy hunters by nature. They have eight arms that move with intelligence but lack a backbone or shell – just like our rings!

Octopus rings, for those who see more than just wet ink on paper or those who want some ink and water of their own, we have the selection and types to satisfy your every need. For those with deep desires and passions that cannot be shared in polite society, we offer a range of animal fetish rings such as tiger, snake, lion, and eagle – but hey, don't take our word for it! Please explore our site now to find for yourself what will speak to you the most.