Fenrir Wolf Amulet Signet Viking Ring

One of the most powerful amulets in Norse mythology is this Viking Wolf Head Ring. Fearlessly tearing through vast wilderness, fending off foes with an incredible ferocity you hardly knew existed! Now it can be yours today and for only a small payment we’ll send it right to your door step!

Vintage style
Cocktail ring
316L Stainless steel


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  1. Make a thin strip of paper with a length of at least 3 inches and a width of no more than 5 mm.
  2. Squeeze it tightly around the base of your ring finger.
  3. Make a mark with a pen or pencil where the ends overlap.
  4. Lay it flat and measure its length in millimeters using a ruler.
  5. Find the appropriate ring size in t

ring size measuring chart

B – IF YOU KNOW YOUR SIZE: If you know the size or finger measurements (in mm), you may input your information on any ring conversion website.

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  1. Save the picture by right-clicking on it and selecting Save Image As.
  2. Print the picture without scaling it and make sure it’s 3.5 inches long from the ‘Read Size Here’ line to the finish.
  3. Cut off the printed picture and wrap the finger sizer around it. Take a look at the number next to the line that says ‘Read Size Here.’

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Who was the Fenrir Wolf?

This was a giant wolf, the son of Loki and Angrboda. At a young age he became a servant of Odin, tethered to his hand as Thor’s guardian. But later took him away from Asgard and for this Fenrir turned on the Aesir. First tried to break free of his chains but they were too strong. So Fenrir bit off the right hand of Tyr, then Odin himself to get free. In punishment for this crime Fenrir was chained up and surrounded by a wall of fire as he waited for Ragnarok.

Wearing a wolf ring signifies your connection to the Norse pagan tradition as well as a reminder of your place in nature. You are a destroyer and you can’t be tamed! Whether you plan on wearing it as a symbol of your warrior spirit or as the perfect piece for your Viking costume, this ring will complete any outfit.

About Our Animal Cling Rings

If you love rings, then our stainless steel animal ring assortment could be like jewel to you. Having your load of bold, animal jewelry is straightforward when you shop at our gothic website. These sterling silver animal rings are a must-have addition for every serious animal fan. These striking animal rings could possibly be worn to represent bravery, strength, and power. These types of animal rings, are intensely popular in the fashion trade and could be noticed on a range of Fashionistas along with rock bands worldwide.

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Information Regarding Viking Jewelry

The Vikings were seafaring warriors and traders from Scandinavia who raided, traded, explored and settled throughout the late 8 th to late eleven th centuries. These Norsemen (or Northmen) visited Constantinople during the east and Newfoundland during the west. They built trade centers in Dublin, Ireland; Are­­­­deil, Scotland; and Kaupang, Norway. Everything from slaves to walrus ivory was sold. Their own art may be seen all throughout the British Isles and also Scandinavia. The Vikings colonized Iceland in the late ninth century, and Leif Erikson arrived at America around 1000 CE, 500 years before Christopher Columbus. Vikings also wore jewelry, which was often made from silver and gold. The well-known image of Viking Age jewelry is it was worn by men-a kind of status symbol to proclaim their virility or sexual conquests. Although, actually, both male and female Norsemen embellished themselves with a number of brooches, rings, pendants , bracelets, armlets and wrist cuffs.

Order Viking Rings From The Gothic Merchant!

A Viking motif on a ring contributes to its significance.

Therefore, the distinctive selection of Viking Rings produced by The Gothic Merchant was inspired by this fact. Our aim is to provide seriously one-of-a-kind rings to everyone who appreciates and understands the Viking heritage.

Our rings will definitely be a fantastic looking accessory to your beautiful hands, in a few of the most excellent Viking motifs such as Viking Runes, Jormungandr, Thor’s Hammer, and many more.

Ancient Viking Rings

To offer each and every modern day Viking a taste of Norse culture, we created Viking silver rings. The Gothic Merchant exclusively sells genuine Viking Jewelry made of high-quality materials. Our rings are handcrafted in our own workshop!

So, instead of wasting time, have a look at our in depth selection of Viking Rings. We are without doubt you will discover precisely what you are hunting for!